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  • Cancer

    December 1st, 2010adminBlog

    My father died about a decade ago after a long battle prostate cancer. He had been a recreational user of marijuana since I was a kid, and he definitely didn’t stop when he was suffering from cancer. Marijuana helped my father cope with the constant pain and the loss of appetite. It made his life bearable.

    He was prescribed morphine in order to cope with the pain, and when his tolerance rose, it stopped working. Pot never stopped working. I believe that without marijuana, my father would have killed himself – during bouts of depression, he would tell me that he was going to shoot himself. The marijuana kept him grounded. It kept him focused. It kept him alive.

    Whatever you think of marijuana, I believe it was helpful… more helpful than any pill or tonic he was given by a pharmacist. When you’re given a death sentence of cancer, it becomes all about the quality of the life you have left. Bottom line – marijuana improved his quality of life and if that’s all, then that’s good enough for me.