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  • 182 Days


    I’ve had plenty of experiences with cancer. My father died from it. My grandfathers died from it (as far as I know). My sister had it as a kid and lost a lung and a half to it. My clients have had it – I even had a client die from it. I’ve had friends who had it before we met. I’ve had friends who had to go through chemo to get rid of theirs. Three of my girl friends have had to go through chemo and lose all of their hair.

    One of my friends has gone through chemo twice so far and is expected to go through round 3. She has had a giant tumor removed already and had to do the bald thing. She’s recently revealed she was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. It’s fatal essentially and the doctor has given her 6-12 months to live.

    She revealed all of this to her friends in a facebook post. It was a fantastic read. She explained what was wrong with her and that she wanted to live the remainder of her life to the fullest and asked her friends to come up with one thing they would do if they only had 182 1/2 days to live. She plans to put together a list of these things and do them all…

    This is where I stepped in. I immediately wanted this to actually be a thing. I wanted this to snowball to the point she couldn’t escape her own plan. I knew that if it were me saying these things and a few of my friends just said “that’s cool,” or “that’s the spirit,” I would lose interest and just go on living my life as I do now – which is fine, but not extraordinary. I want the rest of her life to be extraordinary.

    Max and CrystalWho is she to me? She’s someone I dated. We went from romance to no chance and then from the ashes of our failed relationship came a friendship. She’s one of the coolest people I’ve met to be honest – in many ways. Knowing her has been an experience I won’t forget.

    CrystalWho is she? She’s loud and intense. She’s in your face. She is bottled fun. She’s sexy and sweet and friendly. She would give you the shirt off her back. She’s a fire-breathing, ass-kicking, obnoxious, balls to the wall, loving, caring, statuesque, fun, sexy vixen. She’s a rocketship headed for the moon.

    Anyway… I think she deserves good things, so I’ve created and hosted a website at 182days.com for her to post her adventures as she attempts to complete all of the items on her Bucket List. I’m hoping that people keep posting things for her to do in case she can’t die until they are all done. If things keep getting added to the list, she won’t ever die. Or at least she’ll have a rad life while she’s still alive.

    The thing that makes this story so good is that it’s inspirational. It should make everyone want to live their lives as though they only have today. I mean, we all know this and we all want to, but it’s different when you see someone actually doing it.

    That’s my hope for the website anyway. Grandiose vision I suppose – still no reason to not try. I showed the website to a client today and they decided they wanted to pitch in, so they opted to cross off an item from her list. They set up a spa day and dinner at the closest thing we have to a 5 star restaurant here in the Valley. She’ll be going on Sunday and posting about it subsequently. I’m looking forward to it.

    Please visit her website and comment or donate or just come away with something for yourself. Subscribe if you want and post the link to your friends and friends of your friends. Stumble it or reddit or whatever else you need to do.

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